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Rocenta is a Placenta Stem Cell Therapy. It's the latest product of botanical innovation with new formulation to bring about wellness and rejuvenation. It contains Bulgarian Rose placenta, NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide), Brown seaweed extract, Ashwaghanda Root extract, Lotus Germ Extract, Bitter Lemon Peptide and so much more. 

BENEFITS OF ROCENTA:  Promotes cell Regeneration, Enhances immune system, Eliminates the environmental polluted Substance like heavy metals from the body,  boosts Metabolism, Improves Circulation, Regulates blood sugar,  Improves vision, Boosts energy, Enhance Nutrients Absorption in the body, Improves sleep quality and so much more.

It contains 15 sachet per pack.

Taken sublingually, best on empty stomach, 2 hours before the morning meal.

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